Terra Firma

Written by: michael boon

War and Peace collide in vain
Mankind will suffer anguish and pain

As the earth warms up through ignorance and greed
One day we'll find it hard to feed

In case you'd forgotton we're all the same race
If not in religion but surely in faith

Father daughter son and mother
Why do we find it so hard to love one another

This poem will not stop the pain
But maybe slow the wind of change

How many times have you cried
When on the news more men have died

Jesus and Mohammed said "i am the light"
Why on earth do we take their name in fight

Strip away the colour of skin
You'll find we all own a skeleton within

Remember this: There will come a day when there will be no more
the circle begins.... we're back to war

One day we all will finally depart
Take your body but leave your heart

A final thought as you go about your lives
Try to see the world through each others eyes

Be kind and caring to one another
We've got this planet........ we have no other