Written by: Margaret Okubo

As sunrise steals slowly over the horizon
I peep above the soil joyful and smiling
A blade of grass in a meadow 
because the sun shines only on me

I’m a single cloud twisting and twirling
Amid swirling white and scudding folds
Sunlight gleams shining through
The brightest beam o’er me enfolds

Dry and arid lands abound
In a continent vast and burnt
As cracked and fissured tracks enmesh
Down comes the rain heavy and fresh
Quenching only my thirst above the rest

I am just a  little cedar shoot
Standing amidst a stifling forest 
I neither sow nor reap
 I am the least among the rest
Yet the one most blessed.

A little babe of humble birth
Lay sleeping in a manger
While cattle low and wise men bow
A voice  from heaven is heard 
This is my son gift to the world.