Written by: Alayande Stephen

How could I have forgotten?
Why did it go blank?
What was I twisting with?
Did my mind travel without me?
Why did my memory fail me?
It was her day … December 3rd
I rang her first thing in the morning
Chatted . . . smiled briefly while it lasted
But she expected more than that
She was attentive to hear it from me
But I had t not stored anywhere on me
The wishes could not have come
All I need do was to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

She tried to reach me severally
Was too busy to get my nerves together
I didn’t pick hers, wanting to ring her back
But didn’t do just that, absent-minded was of me
She tried to call me again, but was in a meeting
After a while,
The day wore the dusk dress
And slept off in a gown of dream

She didn’t ring again
She sent a short message to me 
Throwing it back on me why I blanked her day
I read furiously but patiently
Why did it happen like that?
Did I remember it was her day?
Yes . . . and No chorused my mind

I threw it back” I didn’t know it was your day
Happy birthday in arrears” I summoned my courage
But she was sure I knew it was her day
I got the second step wrong again
Would she find it witty and forget it? 

Alayande Stephen T.
December 5, 2008