I Feel You

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

Sweetheart,the thoughts of you floods my mind.
I long to hold,caress and love you always,but
just can't because you are not here with me.
In my minds eye,I can see your Pretty face as 
it glows than the Moon,shines brighter than 
the brightness of the Sun,and is clearer than 
the clarity of a Crystal.
Your beauty gleams more than the glister of 
gemstones,and your dentition sparkles than 
the Snow-Capped Peak of a Mountain.Your eyes 
so dreamy and sexy,but with a cool mien like 
the Ocean.I still hear your laughter with that 
sweet sonorous voice,like a singing bird 
celebrating the dawn of a new day.
I feel you sweetheart,I really do.