A Poem On Death

Written by: ridge mayberry

What is death? What is waiting for us on the other side? When you breathe your last breath Will you stride Through the pearly gates? Or will you fall into the pit of hell? Will you go where your family waits? Or will you be locked in hells cell? All I know Is heaven or hell the time will come And you will go. I pray that word will come from God, for you to be with him. We will all miss you very much Your death has cast a grim Mood on us all such As i have never known. We know that you are with Him And not alone. That is all i know And i pray it is true. I must now go. I will see you in the pearly blue.
This poem was written when i found out my grandpa had died. i couldn't be at his funeral because I was halfway across the US. i wrote this as my eulogy for him. Just remember all of you who have lost a loved one...you are not alone and neither is your loved one.