there is alway's love around you.

Written by: alisa cook

alway's there is times in our live's where were feeling alone, feeling the need for someone to 
just be there for you to understand you . but dose it ever come? 
what life holds these day's is only unjust nothing to hold on too its just a world of  rotten lust. 
they say when the end is up on us we can see the change . 
i saw many changes in this world of range . 
friends turning agust  friends ,  lover's falling for other's .  is it a devil's world were walking 
in has the change started i ask you my friend?
what dose life hold for a good person here now we walk amoung the devil's in vows  the 
gang's the cults the worse to come all we can do is pray and run . 
hopeing that life holds us tight and keeps us alive , although the nights . 
and some day this life will be gone and mercy above will linger on so clean up your self  and 
make you whole for god is love let his mercy unfold..