The Same Rhymes

Written by: missy melita

The rhyme of a friend
Is what you always hum in your heart, 
And there will be no when
You and her in a different part.

There are moments, 
We are no commons.
But there are times, 
We follow the same rhymes.

I believe for what I’ve found, 
You take me off when I’m down.
I thank for what I’ve gifted, 
There are times I’ve forever lifted.

Who knows what a soul can hide? 
Who knows tomorrow has not died? 
Who knows which road fails to guide? 
Yet I know you are here by my side.

I keep you in my mind, 
In case someday, somewhere I find
Our wonderful memoirs vanish, 
And over again, I’ll make it flourish.

When we realize our skin has rotten to death, 
You are going to find that I’m still in your path.