The Everlasting

Written by: missy melita

I wonder how high the sky will be, 
How blue the ocean is truly be, 
How green the pasture should always be.

Starting a relationship, 
I never learn how sudden it always is.
The world beneath friendship, 
I could never be able to discover.

Holding hands, 
I never suppose it is that warm.
We are the blue and the green, 
You are a simple bow which grows me better. 

My friend, 
You’re as beautiful as a song.
Slight melodies that you carry out, 
Bless every soul you could reach into.

My friend, 
You’re as bright as the sun.
Spreading hope as a candle in the dark...
Wondering if you are my angel, 
That came behind the rainbow…

Now I know how sky could be that high, 
That is as high as our wish will flourish.
Now I understand how sea could be so endless, 
That is as deep as we would get to each other.
Now I realize how friend could be so wonderful, 
That, will be just you.

Until the day the green of the pasture fades, 
And the blue of the ocean melts, 
That’s when we’will end together…

And only the rainbow after the rain will stay everlasting.