This Snow

Written by: Aaron Crow

.                                                             Fluttering
                                                         Quietly, gracing
                                                         the ground with
                                                        their presence. I 
                                                        see joy in every
                                                           white flake.
                               Can’t you see it too? I’m resisting the urge to tread in
                          deeper waters of thought as they fall faster now, blurring my
                       vision, wrapping me in a delicate cloth, giving me warmth when I 
                          know there is none but the cold. It is so wonderful! This is all
                                                          I see right now,
                                                         this is my whole 
                                                       grey sky and these 
                                                      carefully tread prints 
                                                    set in this snow leading 
                                                   up to this angel that I've  
                                                    graced the ground with.