Once Upon A Summer Night

Written by: Robin L. Gass

Once upon a summer night
when the moon hung high
as crickets played their nightly song
and diamonds filled the sky
I saw a tiny angel
dancing on the breeze
she did a pretty pirouette
with such grace and ease.

I thought I must be dreaming
upon this summer night
for to see dancing angels
is not a common sight
and yet I was undaunted
by what I chanced to see
her loveliness was soothing
she had enchanted me.

I followed her along a path
I had not seen by day
while crickets played their lilting tunes
and diamonds lit the way
to a little piece of Heaven
I was soon blessed to know
where tiny dancing angels
must surely love to go.

Bands of tiny angels
were gathered on this night
dancing angel dances
joyous in their flight.
My heart sung out to see them
for such beauty to behold
exists in only fairy tales
or so I have been told.

So now upon those summer nights
when the moon's hung high
as crickets play their nightly song
and diamonds fill the sky
I look for little angels
dancing in the air
I keep my eyes wide open
for what I might find there.