Written by: Margaret Okubo

A lively time it was in Heaven
Amid a clear and cloudless sky
The sound of music filled air
As angels sang and heavenly bells chimed

Praise and worship to Him they sang
 For He alone is holy  
Moses shook his silvery head 
As he listened to the praise and glory

Peter and John hummed a tune
They wrote while in prison
Cherubims giggled as they listened
To the olden tunes sung in Heaven

 Cymbals clashed trumpets blast
Flutes and lyres rippled too
Solomon strummed his harpsichord 
creating a medley of rythm and blues

I sat and watched I nodded my head
Stamped my feet and clapped my hands
Then a voice in reverent tones called out

Prostrate yourselves  my children
Here comes the great I AM.