Thou Art Love Letter

Written by: missy melita

Thou wave and the pasture painted green,
Thou speak and fairness ready to win.
Thou finger and flowers stand to bloom,
Thou sob and seas blaze in gloom.
Thou smile and children shine in bright,
Thou love and keep us in sight.

Ahead me the sky darken,
Oh, Thou, why the times fasten?
The roses and daisies sharpen,
Heart of hope I let them beaten.

Walking on an ice to crack,
Tears and fright I bear on my back.
Thou know how I raise in fake,
I gain an end one day I’m not awake.

The downpour dissolves my frights,
the sunshine bring back the rights.
Your sovereign is my love letter,
Tell me, how could I’m alone in the battle?

Thou build the absurdity to real,
Thou exhale and the searing chill.
Thou keep my soul upon the hill,
Thou grant my triumph to stand still.

Thou put my moaning in flame,
Thou Almighty, I have nothing to shame.
Thou I know, Your art eternally cherish,
And Your affection never end to flourish.