Message in a bottle

Written by: Nigel Fawcett

My darling, how are you
And how have you been since last I wrote?
I have to admit things here are in a bit of a stew
But I’m trying to make the most of it by building a boat

        I’m really hoping it’s going to float…

It’s been six weeks since I swam to this beach
And I’ve written you a letter every day
Thank goodness my notebook and pencil were in reach
When my yacht capsized in the bay

        I’m really hoping these notes will find their way…

Just to let you know how things stand
I keep myself sane by singing our tune
And doing press-ups down on the sand
I’m living off fish I catch in the lagoon

        Well, I love you, and…I’m really hoping to be back soon…

Note: Mark Cotterman left a comment on one of my writes, saying it reminded him of an old love letter.
         For some reason, this piece of nonsense popped into my head!