You'd Best Be Prepared

Written by: Janice Scott

Out of the air came a voice without a face
In tones as dry and level as the place

Where by an alter that should have been
They looked upon quite another scene

Many times man lives and dies
In the earth and between the skies

That of race and that of soul
Prepare to meet what must unfold

The unremembered God they now must see
When at last returned to eternity

Unwilling still to bow down on that knee
Complete submission is what it should be 

But oh no, not obstinate, stubborn, magnificent man
No matter the cost - defiant man must stand until

Placed with love and mercy inside Gods hands
Only then does man begin to understand

Side by side their faces blurred
Recognizable defiance seems now absurd

Filled with pity shaking with grief and fright
Crying like great babies both day and night

So that we in coming days may be aware that
When you go to meet your creator you'd best to be prepared!