Written by: Monique Steenkamp

Do I have what it takes to put this straight?
I know deep inside I don’t want to fake
It’s time for me to take back my life
With you holding so tight I can’t survive

Did controlling me make you feel strong?
Made me numb for way too long
You need to be a man and let me go
Can’t pull me down just because your spirit is low

Tell me did breaking me make whole?
I hope you got something out of stealing my soul
Held my heart in your hand only to destroy
Telling me how to behave like I was a toy

But your twisted fairytale is coming to an end
Welcome to my reality where lies don’t easily mend
Your punishment won’t succeed when your power is gone
You might have scarred me but the battle you never won

Now I walk on a set path where I reign
Have no time for you and your pathetic game
Find someone else to shift around in your fantasies
My life your will never again have to seize