An Addict No More

Written by: Janice Scott

I was once a drug addict
I was hopeless
I had nothing to lose
I was thought of by society
As a mindless fool
It doesn’t matter that addicts
Come from all walks of life
Someone’s sister or brother
Someone’s husband or wife
Unfortunately society feels that
A drug addict can never change
Because they can’t feel or understand 
The torture or even the pain
That a drug addict feels
When he’s full of dope
When, like society, on him self
He’s given up all hope
I was once a drug addict who
Used drugs every day
Thought I’d never stop using drugs
Nope, there was no way
That is until I hit rock bottom
As most addicts will
When they’re so sick off the drugs
That they’ve lost their will
To live!  This is when an addict 
Makes a choice to reclaim him self
Just like I did!