There Is Always Hope

Written by: Janice Scott

How can God forgive me for all of the terrible things I’ve done?
When he made the ultimate sacrifice to this world 
By giving to us, His only son
When I think about Paul before 
God named him Saul and
All of the evil he committed towards Christians
By making havoc of the church, entering every house
And dragging them all off to prison
I know in my heart that it doesn’t matter
What I’ve ever been or what I’ve ever done
God has, for every single moment of my existence
Lavished me with His unconditional Love!

In (Timothy 1:12-16) Paul said that he was the ‘chief’ of sinners
Yet even so, God called him to become his most talked about minister
God used Saul to show us that we too, can be saved if we repent
Strive to obey our savior, and allow him to use us as His obedient servants! 

So, no matter what you have ever done,
In your lives, and  
No matter what you have ever been
Jesus Christ will always make it
So that you can always begin your life again!

There is always hope!