The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Written by: Michael Degenhardt

You have to take the legs and hold them open
Careful not to separate the legs too wide
Make sure there’s nothing blocking the entrance
Then get your stuffing and stick it inside.

Make sure the oven has been warmed up a while
You want to make sure this is done just oh so right
Take the legs again and tie them together.
Yeah, that’s it, don’t worry, it can’t be too tight.

You want to butter the skin to retain the moisture
Never do you want it to burn and just dry
Carefully season with all you have to offer
Stick it…in the oven and let out a sigh.

Now, the time that it takes is oh so important
You never want to rush and leave it not yet done
Carefully watch and occasionally baste it
Savor the juices! Just let them run!

Be ever so careful when it has finally finished
You’ll want to take it out and let it sit for a spell
Cover it up though, with a nice wet warm towel
Take it slow, you’ll eat and know it was done so well!