Battle On

Written by: Manoj Kumar

There are times I thought I’d have to say
That my life was all but slipping away
When my heart and mind was numb and dead
When through my ruptured heart my soul bled.

I craved and desired for someone to hold
Someone to love, good sights to behold
Someone in whom to confide my desires deepest
A buddy, a friend, who would be my closest.

But then it dawned, that life aint fair
Nothing comes your way if you don’t dare
If you don’t decide and act with certainty
You maybe fighting up to eternity.

So gird yourself for the battle ahead
It’s better to fight and in doing so be dead
Than in your dotage have a wistful regret
That you wagered never and lost the bet.

For life’s a challenge that ought to be dared
You find your darkest soul gets bared
And you’ve got the guts to stand up and fight
And shine brighter than the brightest light.

If you’ve dared and lost and dared and won
My dear, that’s life and there’s the fun
For what’s the use in your darkest despair
You don’t fight the monster in its deepest lair?

So onward and forward just battle on
For the darkest night there’s always morn
And glory and greatness will be yours my son
If you stand up and fight, you fear nothing, no one.