The Nature Of Your Face.

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

Your Romantic eyes,so Alluring.
Your Nose,the Handwork of Nature.
Your Cheek,always with a Calid Glow.
Your Lips,a smooth Coaster-rolling 
Lickable bumbs,so inviting.
Your Charming Smile,like the Whispers 
of the Clouds,so Disarming.
Your Dentition,the Sparckle of the Stars,
only comparable to the Glitters of Gemstone.
Your Sonorous Voice,with the Velvety 
Garnishing,announcing its Uniqueness.
Your Laughter,the Beckoning sound of a 
Happy Welcome.
Your Mouth.,Embers of Loving Wetness.
Your Tongue,a Willing Lollying Tenant 
in your mouth.
Your Kiss,a Clicking Sound of Love Rhythm.
Your Moaning,a Sexy Music to the 
Loving Ears.
All,Highlighting the Adorable Nature of your Face.