Hearing Your Voice.

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

When I look forlorn;when things seem not 
to go the way they should.When the burden 
of the thought of unfavourable events seems 
to weigh me down.When I am overwhelmed by 
the mist of the confusion,and everything 
is in a maze.If I just call you,my worries 
fade away.Hearing your voice and the 
encouraging words that come with it,makes 
me feel I can achieve the unachievable.
Your voice comes like the Sun shinning away
the fog of tribulations.It's like a cold 
water running down the throat of a thirsty
person.As welcoming as One finding an Oasis
in the desert.Your voice soothes my anxiety
and apprehentions.It sparks a strenght in 
me that makes me strive harder to overcome
hinderances.If for nothing else,for that 
One who is a shoulder to cry on;who loves
me unconditionally.And whose voice is a 
relief always.You,and just you,my love.