The Angel I See In You.

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

Everyone who knows you calls you Angel.
Everyone appreciates you and truly everyone 
is held spell bound by your charming aura.
But how many knows you deserve your name.

I see beyond your captivating personality.
I see beyond your alluring & arresting look.
I hear more than your sentual tinglig voice.
I hear more than your soothing sound laughter.
I see the true you that is inside of you.
I see the Angel inside that manifests outside.
I feel that tender & loving person in you.

One whose caring nature is not hidden.
One who truly gives without inhibitions.
Your Angelic nature glows & rubs off on 
everyone who comes in contact with you,
making them want to have more of you.
You are truly loving and kind hearted.

You exhibit the characteristics & qualities 
of a true Angel,that it would baffle me if 
you are not one.But I know you are.
I pray you remain the true Angel that you are.
For that is what I see when I see you.
You are truly an Angel,and a worthy one at that.