No Guarantee

Written by: Wilfredo Derequito

Surely just a little, freak accident,
a foolish thing not actually meant,
Jack and Jill after a first meeting
ended up in a shotgun wedding.

Childhood sweethearts Sue and Bart
for each other meant from the start,
theirs was a match made in heaven
that friends long ago had foreseen.

Fast forward...

Sue and Bart, married for two years,
are in court with bitterness and tears,
sure that divorce is so much better
than living in hell hating the other.

Accidental mates, jolly Jack & Jill
draw pails of water up on the hill,
with little grandkids trailing them
in that oft repeated family game.

Boy, what a joke this life can truly be,
hit it or miss it there is no guarantee;
only one thing is predictably sure -
an appointment with a head doctor!