Written by: Maria Virginia Bufete

Lay your weary heart.
Rest for quite a while,
And I will stand to guard you.

Feel the warmth in the abode of my love.
I'll sever the ties that chain you 
To your worries.

I will stay, 
When no one's to be found.

I'll see you through it all. 
I will never go.
You will be secure. 

Surrender to my arms,
My strength is quite enough
To carry all your burdens.

Don't have fear 
For a single moment,
When I am at your side.

I'll keep you safe from harm.
My love will be your shield 
Until your broken heart has mend,
And love has live in it again.

But for now, 
When your wounds are still hurting, 
Embrace my love.
Let it eased your suffering.
I'll be here to help you in your healing.