Salute to a friend

Written by: Alex Conrad Seno

Sparks fly and smoke billow from seven muzzles
Deep into her heart the explosion echoes
Flashing memories of a smiling face of a love now lost.
Lost in strife, conflicting ideals- caused

“Mommy, mommy I‘d like to see Daddy.”
“Hush my darling, Daddy is going away… very far away”

Wrinkled and flawless fingers alike clutch white roses
which began to rain down upon a flag draped casket
Memories of white petals floating down the aisle
as a radiant bride in white marching with pride and style.

“Will you take this man to be your loving Husband… I do…”
“ …I now pronounce you man and wife.. you may now kiss the …”

In a convoy of three humvees, the young lieutenant sat sternly
Impact resistant eye wear shut out the road glare
but offered little help from a flash so intense
it threw the leading vehicle ten feet in the air.

“Don’t you worry my Love, I will be back home soon”
“Kiss my little pumpkin for me …”

The horrors of war we read and see only in the news
but our brothers, husbands or fathers grit their teeth
uttering silent prayers amid the chaos of explosions
and the glaring reality of impending death. 

“Your husband fought bravely for his country maam…”
“He was a good soldier and a good friend…”