Why do I grieve

Written by: Bob shank

Corked poison upon treacherous lips
fire water for relationships
drowning souls short of breath
plunging darkness must mean death

sister dearest you loved me so
until uncle Joe caressed you low
enraged butterfly grew wicked horns
roses are protected by its thorns

labeled retarded, mad little boy
even Christmas stole all the joy
bare trees and crippled legs
necessary angles for welfare eggs

poverty shakes an ugly stick
while ignorance is applied too thick
battered syndrome is colorful too
black and blue for me and you

but a rainbow adorns the other side
of those who loved with foolish pride
smiling jesters laugh for naught
oblivious to common thought

education is life itself
hidden nick-knacks on a shelf
soulless wonders, society makes
spirited ones, Lucifer takes...