Human Body

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Human Body "

There seems to be a heated debate
amongst a meeting of the minds
about the uniquely crafted body
of our own human kind.
Our amazing Human Body
is incredibly totally complete
three engineers want the credit
as they come together and compete.

The mechanical engineer
had some very good points
looking at the flexability
at all of the bodys joints.

Moving all around
up and down, too and fro
its a mechanical engineering feat
as the Human Body grows.

The electrical engineer
spoke of many reflections
its the complicated nervous system
and its electrical connections.

Considering all of the senses
of, sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste
without each of these senses
the Human Body would be a waste.

The confident civil engineer
had the best intelligent criteria
who would run a toxic waste pipeline
right through a recreational area.

There is no further need to debate
no further meeting of the minds
the uniquely crafted body
was designed by a civil engineer kind...

Penned By MPK

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