Written by: Luminita Stoica

When they will be ready for me,
With them I will no longer be.

When they will start understanding,
My forgiveness won't be pending. 

Why does it hurt when they hurt?
Why don't they hurt when I hurt?

If they would really pay attention,
War would be sent to termination. 

Simplicity is something we claim to crave,
But we bury it deep in a subconscious grave. 

It may be God or Allah or Buddha or Zeus
Sunny mornings or flowers or a moose,

It may be software or books or money
Or movies or jokes that aren't funny,

However far our beings go astray,
We believe in something anyway.

If you suggest that you don’t need to pray,
Even if it’s to yourself in your mirror’s way,

I know you’re doing something of the sort,
But are too proud to admit the spiritual effort. 

You need to believe so you can feel empowered, 
Because you’re alone and, deep down, a coward.