Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Rain "

So many past wonderful memories
that my childhood did contain
one of my favorite past times
was playing in the Rain.

The soaking warm rains of summer
in the spring and early fall
whenever my mom would let me
I would play out in them all.

The fast running through the puddles
with splashing in the streams
nothing could ever top this fun
not even in my dreams.

Sometimes I'd even wash my hair
while the Rain comes pouring down
at times the Rain would suddenly stop
and leave me with a frown.

Its sad that I'm much older now
when it rains I still have fun
reflecting on past memories
into the Rain I run...

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion…

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can’t Be Seen Or Touched
It Must Be Felt With Your Heart…