Unspoken Volumes XI – Sunshine & Sunflower

Written by: Amy Saleh

If I could find words how I love you to say
No words ever said can my feelings convey
If I could express my love in words or sentences
They may sound like a baby’s first utterances
Your love is even more… our souls know well
Your sighs mesmerize me like a magical spell
Ours is a story of the Sun and the Sunflower
They saw with their hearts, their love had such power
That if the sunflower was once sad and downcast
The sun looked at the sea with emotion so vast
Its waters swelled and its cries touched the skies
The skies were so blue, the wind was their sighs
And the sun looked at the wind with such pain
It carried the love to the sunflower as rain
And the rain became a song of the purest love
And the sunflower past the tallest tree towered above
Your love is my sunshine, more than I ever dreamed
I adore you like the sunflower in its beloved gleamed