Written by: Quentin Sands

We walk about bristly in the heat of the day,not knowing when it will happen.
Some watch mere predictions on picture screens before setting out to complete routine tasks;
but who is to say what will happen for the unknown dwells with us.

I see a beautiful  lady frisking her hair, wiping prespire from her mascaraed face whilst 
pushing a stroller along the busy sidewalk.
A dog sits in the shadow of a street sign; its mouth gaped in a state of exasperation.

Without warning it happens...........the first wave of attack.
An obscure lone drop comes down and taps you on your shoulders.
You look around feverously ...but see no one in view.
An audious rumbling is heard above your head sending everyone in motion.

The downpour occurs and  the smell of dampened earth cuts the once humid air;
The ground is filled with  myriads  of liquid  puddles collected in different  places.
Those who are armed hold up their array of colorful shields to fend off the heavy invasion , 
whilst those who are not,scamper about in astonished utter despair.