Written by: Saint Andrew Joseph


Eyes like cynthia's brow
staring beyond the sky
In a ruminative refined temper
In an everlasting trance.
The men of the dark devised  it
They devised the devilry journey
Like the rustling of a dry leaf
He has rustled up,
And crossed  the rubicon, and ingress to
The world of inexorable tranquility

Man is now terrific
Man is bestial and blustery
Man has turned into a canal beast

O why is it so cruel
Even to the innocent?
Yes! He was not a hood
They take even the innocent away
When ravening who
To take next in this gloomy

Like a savage dog in
the mist of vivacious kids,
it has been in my heart,
Since he traveled to the great beyond.
The today of tomorrow have been wracked