Written by: MAF Longfellow

All dressed up to trick or treat. 
The rain came down all over me! 

When I got home my candy bag 
Was full of garbage. I was so sad. 

I was tricked and fooled so bad. 
I ran to tell my Mom and Dad. 

They said the devil's very mean. 
He'll fill your bag with sickness, and pain. 

So watch who fills your bag next time. 
Don't trust the devils lies or gifts. 

God never fills your bag with bad. 
Only , love , peace and happiness. 

Trust only the Lord Jesus Christ. 
An everlasting treat......JOHN 3:16 

Don't be tricked. Pray to Jesus 
Today to forgive your sins. 
Receive Jesus as your Savior. 
You will be wonderfully treated 
And never tricked! 

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By : MAFLongfellow