Dubious Possesion

Written by: kareen liez datoy

Roses unfolding the redness inside me

Swathed my heart…my entirety

These petals slowly uncovering with glee

Trying to unveil the veracity.

Peeling the deepness…

Unraveling the emptiness….

Grip the stem of this forlorn petal

Sip all its sweet nectar…

Its yours.

Its yours to keep.

Its yours to cherish..

It’s yours to relish…

Open your heart 

Glance at this redness

Stare beyond the vastness 

Discern this emptiness…

Bisect the thinness of these petals

Caress all its brightest hues…

Its yours.

Its yours to marvel.

Its yours to adore..

Its yours to admire….

Mind this bud

Look into its uniqueness

Be thrilled with its highness

Pervade this emptiness…

Scrutinize the potency of these sepals

Test its verdant shadows 

Its yours.

Its yours to dwell.

Its yours to lurk…

Its yours to skulk…

Neglect it and you’ll suffer

Desert it...you lackluster!

But its’ beauty you never could hinder

It’s sincerity you couldn’t vex forever

Grasp it in a jiffy….

Posses it mild and swiftly…

A n y w a y

Its yours.

Its yours to keep

Yours to marvel

Yours to dwell

Its yours…

Its all yours…