Written by: Wilfredo Derequito

And he hears a voice for his agenda to run,  
 pursue it he must at the point of a gun.       
There's nary a single mistake that he can make,                 
 with God on his side his resolve just wouldn’t break.     

Against all advice he wages his lonely fight,                         
 giving vent to his demons, what an awful sight!    
When the smoke finally clears in the battlefield              
 there lies the sight of thousands of innocent killed.

But what the hell it is not his life anyway,
 the truth is he won’t have it any other way.      
The dead are pawns in the bigger scheme of things,    
 sacrificed in the altar with all that it brings.

Since he thinks everyone is wrong and he is correct,              
 he finds no need for silence that he may reflect.      
Yet after blood's been shed what has he got to show?         
 just a raging, never ending inferno!