Written by: Menka Lata Dangi

My dear, you left me, at the same spot as before,
I was dreaming, I suppose, or was it for sure.
You held me close to you and promised to be mine,
And I blindly accepted, pondering all was fine.
The lovely feeling of togetherness, made me feel,
Heaven was with me, why I should, then appeal.
I was swayed by your sweet notes on net,
You were with me, the happiness I ever met.
Dreams which were planned, started coming true,
They were no more castles in air, as I earlier knew.
The times were wonderful, I, myself couldn’t believe,
But only mused in silently, how I could achieve.
Couldn’t help myself, I flew fast to reveal,
My joy to a friend, to express how I feel.
She held me close, telling at last God has bestowed,
The rewards of the seeds, which we both sowed. 
To my surprise, she showed me the same note,
The name was concealed, but had the same quote.
For a second, I felt there was darkness all around,
Took leave with difficulty, without making a sound.
The sky fell on me as I trotted back towards home,
My boat was drifting in the ocean of foam.
How could “my love”, play the double game,
The very feeling of betrayal, made me insane.
I realised, at last, about the fact, all day long,
As habits can’t be changed, I was then wrong.
Dreams are dreams they never can be true,
Reality is bitter and also very hard to chew.
Again I stand, alone at the same spot as before,
 Lonely as ever, soothing a broken heart for sure....