When The Conch Shell Loses Its Roar

Written by: maggie flanaganwilkie

"We won't have a society if we destroy the environment." 
- Margaret Mead 

It's time to face the facts, Jack, Jill; 
give the marsh back to the ocean, 
move uphill. Give the river back 
its mouth, the shore to the sea. 
It's way past time to clean the obscene – 
ness from the blue-green waters 
we rape to feed us. Dead zones exist 
in the deep, yet we weep 
when nature disturbs our ego. 

We just don't get it. The need to breathe 
begins in the sea. It's life, renewed, 
in grasses that cleanse our ignorance, 
in spite of our arrogance, 
We are choking her to death 
with stupidity and greed.