Dreams of Yellow Ashes

Written by: Vesna Arsenich

Dreams once hidden, now appeared,
dreams of an abandoned city,
distortions that mangled me
are my insolvable presentiments,
perhaps, they are just greetings
from hyenas in the night.

Oh, why I get them unbidden? 

It's streets glided into each other
like lifeless labyrinths,
exhausting continuation or
logic of a lost place?

It's houses only waited
as numb, deaf witnesses, 
while the sky was abundant of yellowish grey.
In the reality of anguish and trepidation,
yellow ashes were densely concentrated,
ghostly flux or enigma?

In the distance,
I heard tramps of a horse,
or is it another deception?
He is quiet,I am quiet,
 sound of lie or life!

I am now his only comrade,
for we wandered through yellow ashes alone,
for we understood our prehistoric calls,
in this microcosm we are only brothers!

 Odd set of eyes stared at me,
the most soulful eyes,I ever saw.
What are you trying to tell me,
when everything is already said?

Yellow fog frightened me,
bringing smell of Thanatos,
awaken conscience of executors in this Golgotha?

Executors and victims dance in yellow ashes
while conscience of the humankind
 is withheld on the Balkan soil.