Burdened brother

Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

I saw this brother some time
Cold and hungry for some affection
Yet roaming the streets  
With pride and his head held high

He looked happy
But did he feel happy

His sores dripped with fear
And blood running down his spine
Screamed of his neediness and 
When his hand reached out to me
You could tell his soul was falling apart
He wrote sins of man on his soul
Clenching his fist on needles that made him bleed
Molten anger

He lost righteousness the moment
He spelled his name before the eyes
Of satan
He cursed the alphabets that gave
 his life meaning and wished
he could walk down the birth lane
his creator felt denied of a son
that she carried on a trial of nine months

he saw this woman
whose life just ran down her eyes
tears bathing her face relieving her of pain
he drank from her tears misery
for the sake of love

they looked happy
but did they feel happy

in his prayers he called to God
out loud that he sees his troubles
and can read between
the stretch marks that tattooed his behind
he preferred to cry with his head buried
on his lap than let her wipe them

 he saw happiness on the wings of the birds 
that flew on the blue
and torture peeled his skin
and let the vultures feed on his flesh...

happiness was a privilege to this man!!!!