The Beauty That Enthralls

Written by: John Boak

She walks with perfect grace
A woman with such a lovely face
With her sweet and gentle ways
She lights up and brighten my days 

A woman who is so beautiful
The true and real perfect jewel
A lady who turned out to be so cool
I know her beauty will always rule 

Divine madness is what she brings
By the way she makes the heart sing
Men would offer this queen anything
For the chance to be her king 

I watch her now from afar
And with myself I wage a war
This foolish bard I should bar
From falling for this lovely star 

I can see that a lot of men will fall
They will fight hard for the right to call
Might even end up in a brawl
To have the beauty that enthralls

For the beautiful Ellen Dimaano. 
If only my heart wasn't stolen by ATP 30 years ago I know I would fall for you.