A Misunderstanding

Written by: Menka Lata Dangi

I regret the time, when, I left you alone,
You again, stopped me, but I did not care.
Things taught me, and time has shown,
Realise now I, “how could you then bear?”
You loved me much, now, how can I atone 
Just stand still, only, in the dark, to stare
I would love to be called back,”My love”
And share, the times, we were proud of.

I want back, all the warmth, you showered,
Your smiles, your hugs and your kisses.
Frighten me, why? With your face so glowered,
Don’t deny me, with my sweet reminisces.
I m repentant, for all your hopes, I devoured,
I have already cried a lot, in soft hisses.
You could not see the scars, beneath,
The sky was on me, I lost in the heath.
You insulted me at the public junction,
And threw away my composed song, apart.
Neither did you feel,why? any compunction,
With tears in my eyes, I had to depart. 
I met the disgrace at the function,
My heart seemed to break, into half.
I could not bear, your applause, for my rival,
The thing I repeatedly told you, for revival.

I m not alone, the one, to be blamed,
Although I walked away, time has been tough.
 All was not only my fault but you claimed.
Do forgive me now, don’t be rough,
I am saturated with, the pain I have tamed.
You’ll love me as before, I m sure enough.
We’ll again build our small cosy zoo
With no more differences between me and you.