The Cup of Loneliness

Written by: Celeste Herman

To all the lonely people out there

I drink of you each passing day,
You never run empty,
You never go away.

You cover me with your blanket,
You hide me away,
You cherish me against your bosom,
Through every night and every day.

You keep me awake at night,
You whisper in my ear, 
No matter where I run to,
You make sure you're always near.

I meet you for dinner,
You share every breakfast with me, 
My bed is your bed,
Life's got a standing reservation for you and me.

I get no comfort from you though,
Even though you are always here-- 
The only warmth I ever feel, 
Is that of a runaway tear!

I share you with so many people,
And still I'm on my own-- 
For sharing the cup of loneliness,
Doesn't change you being all alone!