Liking you

Written by: Tiana Tillman

As I got to know you, I grew to like you more than expected, I guess it was the way you 
were to me, I felt protected. I was comfortable in your arms, the way you caressed me, I 
knew of no harm. The way you gave a listening ear and the way you knew what was goin on 
regardless of what you hear. It was like you could read me by the tone of my voice and you 
knew what felt good even when I didn't make a noise. Looking back I wish we explored more 
of our options. You made me feel so good inside, like I was on a natural high. There's so 
many things about you that I wish was in every guy. There's so much I like about you, that it 
makes it hard to say goodbye. But looking on the bright side, I made a new friend and 
developed a great friendship that will hopefully never end.