Praises to the King.

Written by: Margaret Okubo

I woke up this morning
To the sound of rushing waters 
like  waves roaring across the ocean floor.

Rigid with fear I stood transfixed
 and  watched as armies of angels
descended  from the heavens above.

The skies  shifted  
the universe trembled
by the torrents of angels in flight.

Amid the sound of blaring trumpets
and the dazzle of waving swords
their thunderous voices roared 
 accross the morning skies.

Michael and Gabriel archangels both
leading the Heavenly choir in songs of praise
God is great ..God is Love.

Eyes glistening with tears
My heart bursting with joy
I fell to my knees and joined in song.

 God is great ..God is love I sang
as I watched the angels depart
one by one.