hand in hand

Written by: alisa cook

hand in hand yet we walk along.  cheek to cheek but the kiss is gone. love to love but were 
so out of touch, hopeing to god he'll give us some luck! i met you from away cross sea's  
and now  it seem's like were not ment to be. the love and laughter  we had shared seem's 
like its left just flying in the air , than i hear your sweet voice and everything is felled with 
joy ! just to hear a word from you was more than just a dream come true.. 
   the hope i hope i know its real cause when i hear your voice its sweet to my ears'
i only hope our love can last cause were just spirts from the past. and i dont know if spirts 
last but god i hope life we'll last,cause here we are thought in thought , 
keeping eachother close to heart. 
waiting to see the day will that you and i become of one...!