Written by: George Anos

Therein lies the answer,
Therein lies the truth,
Therein lies confession,
When wounded hearts we sooth

For reality is stark and painful,
When we turn into fools,
And the moment we admit it,
Is the time we break the rules,

And ignorance is bliss,
For the hidden nail is seldom hammered,
I’m not sure about you, 
But keep away from me please,

Keep away from me please,
For the night is young and lovely,
And the voice of the party is to be happy,
I don’t really need you now,

I don’t need  you conscience,
To tell me I am wrong,
For a just want to drown myself,
And get lost in this song

 ( Tonight I’m running naked
And the dawn will make me cry
For I hate baring my soul by day
When the darkness bids goodbye

Tonight I’ll cast away my chains
And away from you I’ll fly
So deep you won’t be reaching me
No matter how hard you try )
...End of chorus

Therein lies delusion 
Therein lies the beast
Therein lies obsession
When from tired hearts we feast

For the lies we weave are dark and silken
When we feed on deceit 
And the soft flesh of misery,
Is where we sink our teeth

Dark temptation is real,
For the walls we make are easily trampled,
I’m so sure about it 
so keep away from me please

Keep away from me please,
I’d rather be alone and lonely,
For later you’ll just regret my company,
Go, keep away from me now

I have lost my conscience
That tells me right from wrong,
So if you don’t want to drown yourself,
Don’t fall hard for this song