Written by: George Anos

Eagles doth float on thermal rise,
Nary a flap, remaining high,
Then one fell swoop, with no loud cries,
To a prey, diving sharply nigh

With preying talons,
Be rats or pythons.

Sharks doth circle on hapless seals,
The lost or young or badly maimed,
Serrated teeth lethally kills,
With jaws since ancient times untamed

The sea’s true hunters,
Bloodying waters.

Lions prowl with sure footed stealth,
Camouflaged amidst dry bushes,
Against the background they then melt,
Attacks are quick, sudden rushes.

Deadly when they hide,
Royal in their pride.

Wolves criss cross creating eddies,
The chase arduous and oh so long,
Baying on weak, weary bodies,
Each one doth make, the pack strong.

The triumph they share,
Be it moose or hare.

- Dedicated To ANIMAL PLANET, home of the strong, land of the wild...