Ode To The Sun

Written by: George Anos

Sunrise, Oh aural hymn of spirituality,
Vibrant in it’s splendour and magnificence,
Sending nocturnes to daytime slumber,
Bathing life to a yawning earth.
Piercing the day’s birth with colours and hue,
The Master’s tableau, a glorious canvas,
Fiery paints, swirling strokes and defiant beauty
The bright facet of the world’s axial turn.

It evokes and invokes, feelings and awe.
Praises and raises, creation and spirits,
Vilifies and nullifies, sadness and hopelessness,
Resigns and consigns, acceptance and trepidation.

Strand by strand, it runs through the hair,
Pore to pore, it caresses the skin,
Squint by squint, it opens the eyes,
Every brightness warms a weary heart.

It bridges valleys and flattens peaks,
Resurrects death and ends horizons,
Humbles the great and strengthens the weak,
With its rays, its light, its kiss.

We are but an audience, paler and drabber,
Casting pathetic lines of self importance,
Feeble in our attempts and underneath its shadow,
For its languid phase is our mortal eternity.

 When we are dust, entwined to life in death,
Ethereal and eternal and constant the sun remains. 
Bathing life to a yawning earth.