When I Bit My Tongue Part 2

Written by: George Anos

“I hope for nothing,
For my parents have,
Abandoned me,
To fend on my own.”

“I trust nothing and no one,
For everyone is a predator,
In this concrete forest”

“I know nothing, 
For my only idea of school,
Is the oft rejection,
Of it’s imposing, cold walls”

Astounded by these answers,
This creature of neglect,
Stared right through me,
Seeming to see the man,
Who did not look back,
At fast food mirrors,
While his brethren stared
At the food I shoved,
To my uncaring face
Who passed by not even,
Sparing a single heartless glance,
On begging, pathetic and,
Barely opened palms,

Who thought of himself,
Only in the egotistical terms,
Of “I”, “Me” and “Mine”.

He finally turned his back,
Not looking back,
A terse encounter, 
He need not care for,
Nor remember at all…

I was given a moment’s pause,
Knocked by my selflessness,
Wanting only the vain fact,
That somebody remembers me.

Finding out how just how brittle,
My cares and fancies are,
No different from the shell,
I bit right through,
How preposterous the question,
My apathetic tongue asked,
And how grateful I am for the fact,
That I bit it hard enough,
To wake me up to a reality,
I otherwise would not know, 
nor see…. 

Did that foolish tongue bleed?
Yes my friends, My former inhabitants,
Of he realm of Indifference,                 
It bled, it surely did…