Fairytale Daydreaming

Written by: George Anos

- By Olongapoet

If gazes and stares and side eyed glances,
Could be summed up to create a number,
So it could reflect to you my chances,
I would live my life no longer somber.

I’d start by asking your name,
For I know, you’d do the same.

If thoughts of you, and longings, and desires,
Could halt falseness, there would be no liars,
For truth’s conflagration, in countless fires,
Will free humanity, from myriad mires.

I could never then, hold back,
To say how my heart, you struck.

If courage is but, a commodity,
I’d spend all I have, my being and soul,
To salvage what’s left, of my sanity,
For life without you, is an empty hole.

I could then, caress your hand.
In front of you, I would stand,

If everything you are, is real and true,
Where am I, in the conundrum of you?
Will you take a niche, in our world of two?
Tell me now least sure death, my soul accrue.

So I could learn, to begin,
And be alive, once again.

If your love and freedom, go side by side,
I would then be free, from slavery.
The shackles that bind, and scars  I hide,
In this open cage, you hold the sole key.

Let it be slow, our embrace,
Beauty is oft, lost with haste.